Things to note

Russian escortsIt’s obvious that when you decide to spend time with one of the lovely Russian girls from our selection, you expect it to be enjoyable and unforgettable for you. To achieve that and make all your dreams come true, each of the our beautiful ladies will do nearly everything so you feel satisfied and simply happy. However, in order to make this experience pleasurable for both of you, there are some certain rules you need to follow. The aim of this article is to highlight all these rules you should remember while having a wonderful time with the lady you’ve chosen. To start with, let’s talk about hygiene. All the girls we have in the list know exactly what each of their clients is looking for, and no doubts that cleanliness is one of the main points. We don’t work with unprofessional escorts so be sure that all our adult entertainers prepares carefully for every meeting with you. We do everything to provide you with the best experience with gorgeous girls, so we expect you to make a little effort on your part. It is very important for models to see a well-maintained man in a clean shirt and with fresh breath. You should know that your personal hygiene and cleanliness play vital role in attitude of people and building relations with them.

So why not to take a shower and chew gum before the meeting? It’ll make establishing a contact easier and more comfortable for both of you. Besides, we need to mention that an escort has a right to cancel an appointment if you don’t appear clean. Just keep in mind that the time you two spend together should be enjoyable not only for you but for your partner as well. Another important point is your health and health and safety of the models. While booking you need to tell us if you have any problems with health right now.  It is essential and worth to be mentioned as clearly as possible. Please, tell us about any diseases and even cuts and rashes that can be not safe for the escorts. By diseases we mean not only serious one, but even a simple cold or cough. It is vital for our team to know it as soon as possible. We can ensure the wonderful experience you’ll remember for a long time only if you abide by the simple escort etiquette rules. There are two ways to arrange your meeting — at your place (flat, hotel, etc…) or at the apartment of the girl. If you want to meet at your place, make sure that it is safe and has a nice atmosphere.

It shouldn’t be too dark because it may cause a little worrying the part of the girls. If you didn’t discuss the presence of other people during your meeting in advance, you have to ensure that you are alone. If you want to offer your escort a drink, then be sure to offer her something from a sealed bottle. It’ll give her a feeling of safety that is a priority for us. In case you are visiting her place, you should be polite and respectful and not interfere with her privacy. It is key for a girl’s willingness to spend this unforgettable time with you. You should ask her permission before using her utilities such as her bathroom and using any of her property. These small things make a big difference. Of course, it is not necessary once you establish good relations. Besides, you should remember that confidentiality is key in this business, not only for you but for girls as well. Don’t forget that tipping can be a real boost for the escorts. It is not only a way to express your satisfaction with the time spent together, but also a step to establishing good and strong connection for a long time. Be sure that she won’t forget your extra little tips and will remember it just when you’ll need a little bit more from your GirlFriend Experience